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CCAVENUE Currency Issues

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    Dear Team,

    Im having trouble getting my currency to change on my Payment Gateway CCavenue.

    My default currency is INR for India but my products also ship to the USA. While The Plugin is setup perfectly with conversion rates, once a user initiates checkout with a dollar value of eg. $11, It gets changed to INR 11/- on the payment gateway page.

    I contacted CCavenue with this issue and they told me that the issue occurs because my website is passing INR as its currency even when a user has selected USD

    Here is their report –

    This is in reference to your below mentioned mail.

    As per observation the value posted currency parameter is INR hence the transaction has been proceed INR currency same is reflecting in order mail kindly find request logs.

    merchant_id=142340&amount=87&order_id=6361_18041623&redirect_url=https://www.twirl.store/wc-api/WC_nilesh_Ccave&cancel_url=https://www.twirl.store/wc-api/WC_nilesh_Ccave&billing_name=ArundhatiGhosh&billing_address=9735 159th Pl NE&billing_country=United States (US)&billing_state=WA&billing_city=Redmond&billing_zip=98052&billing_tel=7012005549&billing_email=arundhati96@gmail.com&delivery_name=ArundhatiGhosh&delivery_address=9735 159th Pl NE&delivery_country=US&delivery_state=WA&delivery_tel=&delivery_city=Redmond&delivery_zip=98052&language=EN¤cy=INR&payment_option=&card_type=&card_name=&data_accept=&card_number=&expiry_month=&expiry_year=&cvv_number=&issuing_bank=

    Kindly Assist me in resolving this issue at the earliest.

    Thank You.

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