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Few Bugs in the Themes

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    Hi Support,

    I ran into some issue with your theme. Some features doesn’t seem to work. We used this theme for https://www.namaste-inde.fr. I had some issues with the theme.

    1) I couldn’t configure mega menu for the website as shown in the demo and documentation doesn’t show it properly
    2) There is a plugin for minify (Villatheme – Minify) the scripts but its configuration doesn’t show up in the the configuration
    3) And in the JS Code I added code for google analytics but it doesn’t show anywhere in the page.
    4) There is issue with the mobile friendliness of the design. For the product display, there is a hover effect, but in the mobile device hover effect (Add to cart) doesn’t work, while I try to click it leads me to the product details page which I don’t want. It is better in the mobile devices, in the first click the hover effect is launched.

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