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problem with WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout Payment Gateway

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    It seems that when submitting an order to PayPal in euro the payment is remaining on HOLD in Woocommerce and in PayPal. We will have to login to PayPal to approve it and then come back to Woocommerce and set it as complete. After consulting with Woocommerce they told us:

    “I’ve narrowed it down and I suspect that this error is being caused by the Woo Multi Currency Pro — does that option run for all of your orders? If so, I’d suggest that you check with that developer
    Also, you’ll want to confirm that the currency that you have set in your PayPal account matches the main one that is set on your site
    Also, I looked up the details on that plugin
    and it says: It accepts payment with only one currency or all currencies. WooCommerce Multi Currency is a free plugin.
    It looks like you are using the All currencies option, which is not something that we support. You may want to try switching that to convert all purchases to a single currency for checkout and that might work better for you”

    Can you pleas help on this?

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