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Problems with the WooCommerce LookBook plugin

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    Hi VillaTheme,

    We have several problems with the WooCommerce LookBook plugin. Could you help us solve them? You are the best specialist because you know the exact code of your plugin 🙂

    1. The “Add to cart” button does not work. When you press it, the green text appears in the top right corner (that the product has been added to the basket), but the product is not actually added to the basket. (https://iwalk.pl/nowe-kolekcje/ – 1.png)

    2. Could you help us to format the pop-up window with CSS code? (2.png) We want it to look the same as yours. (2.1.png) We would be very grateful 🙂 We tried to add our CSS code in the plug-in settings, but it does not really work correct. The biggest problem is the quantity of the product with the keys (+, -, quantity).

    3. Is it possible to do so that after selecting in Settings / Design / Icon – Price and after selecting Settings / Product – Link Redirect, so as the prices displayed were a link to the product? We tried to set it, but the link on the price label is not working.

    4. If we have long product names, is there any method to display eg 3 or 2 first words? Can this be done using the CSS code? Example:
    Long product name – Chameleon Immortal i6 housing [2400mAh] [white]
    Short product name – Chameleon Immortal housing

    5. Instagram – synchronization. Is it possible to display (download) more than the last 12 posts (photos) from Instagram? When syncing, only the last 12 posts are downloaded to us. We would like to download all of our posts from Instagram and then delete unnecessary posts (photos).

    Is it possible to set the automatic synchronization of posts (photos) from Instagram?

    How can I set, that some posts (photos) from Instagram was always displayed? Because as I understand the LookBook plugin will display the last 12 posts from Instagram.

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