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WordPress eCommerce Notification Price Drop/Manual Update of Plugin

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    I got to say I’ve been disappointed twice in a row since I purchased this plugin. First I realized it canot do any of the things I wanted it to do a read more on that here: https://villatheme.com/supports/topic/wordpress-ecommerce-notification-plugin-does-not-want-to-install-on-wordpress/
    Your product description on envato is misleading and not clear enough what this plugin can and can not do. Also all your instructions are out dated and doesn’t cover important updates..

    the whole point of me getting this plugin was to link it to pages not post.. this is a very stupid limitation!

    and now I see that two days after I have purchased this plugin at full price you have droped the price down by $10-$15!

    on top of that I just received notification that plugin requires update but it fails to update upon uploading!

    at this point I like to get my money back or at bare minimum get the price reduced to the promo that is currently being offered.

    the amount of time I have spent going back and forth is not worth it for me. there are better plugins out there that cost the same and actually work.

    please contact me as soon as possible

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