🔔 Congratunation! Faview – Virtual Reviews for WooCommerce – Featured File of the Week

☘️ Congratulation!
Faview – Virtual Reviews for WooCommerce has been selected as Featured File of the week. 👉you can go to the featured plugin:
🙏 Since this plugin has been popular with many of our cherished customers and has only been available for a short while, we are honored by this recognition. We sincerely appreciate your assistance and support throughout, and we pledge to continue producing high-quality plugins that satisfy user needs for WordPress and WooCommerce websites.
Regarding the featured file plugin, Faview – Virtual Reviews for WooCommerce plugin is a review generator plugin that allows you to generate reviews for your products on the WooCommerce website automatically. That will reduce your workload significantly, build your website a good reputation and credibility, while you focus on building your brand..
⭐ Bulk add virtual reviews to WooCommerce products
⭐ Serve canned reviews
⭐ Add reply automatically and manually
⭐ Give admin full control over review and reply content
⭐ Check the existence of the reviews and authors to avoid being duplicated
⭐ Show virtual review count in WooCommerce Product list. The admin can add/remove virtual reviews there.
⭐ Add random number of reviews when adding reviews manually
⭐ Works compatibly with WPML and Polylang
And many more…
👉 You can go closer to this plugin, let’s experience:…/faview-virtual-reviews-for…/

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