Update Import Shopify to WooCommerce version 1.0.4

We just released a new version of Import Shopify to WooCommerce plugin. This update includes new import products and orders options.
  • Import product by ID: enter a Shopify product ID to import.
  • Set request timeout: to prevent request time out error when import, this option allows you to set a higher request time out for your WooCommerce website.
  • Import product options: products per ajax request, product type, collection ID, published before date, published after date, order by.
  • Import order options: orders per ajax request, Import orders created/imported at or before/after date, Import Orders sequence.
  • Set import customers per ajax request.
  • New option update product images, title, inventory, description, price.
  • New options to update order status, order date, order fulfillment.

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