Mastering Product Image Selection

product image selection

Product image is the lifeblood of any online store, serving as visual representations of your merchandise. They provide customers with a glimpse into the features, quality, and appearance of your products, influencing purchasing decisions and overall user experience. There are several types of product images that play distinct roles in showcasing your inventory:

Featured Image: The featured image is prominently displayed on product pages and in search results. It serves as a visual anchor, drawing attention to the product and enticing customers to learn more.

Additional Product Images: These supplementary images provide additional angles, close-ups, or contextual shots of the product. They offer a more comprehensive view and help customers gain a better understanding of the product’s features and details.

Variation Images: Variation images showcase different options, such as color or style variations, within a product listing. They allow customers to visualize the available choices and make informed decisions. Product main image will change to variation image if a valid combo is selected – This is WooCommerce feature.

Understanding the different types of product images and their respective roles is essential for effective merchandising and user engagement.



Product Image Selection with ALD in the Import List Section

Now, let’s dive into how you can optimize your product images selection process using ALD’s powerful features. Within the Import List section of ALD, you’ll find robust tools for managing product images with ease

Let’s explore the Gallery section of the Import List in ALD, where you’ll find a variety of options for managing your product images:

Import Images to Product Gallery: Begin by selecting the images you want to include in the WooCommerce product gallery. Simply click on each image to highlight it with a green border. To remove a selection, just click again.

Designate Product Featured Image: Next, choose the image you want to feature for your product by clicking on the star icon. The selected image will be outlined in a subtle orange hue. Keep in mind that each product can only have one featured image.

Bulk Set Variation Images: ALD simplifies the process of assigning variation images to your products. When importing variations, the plugin automatically assigns AliExpress variation images to your WooCommerce product. To set variation images in bulk, first, select the desired variation in the ‘Variations’ section. Then, hover over the image you want to assign and select the appropriate option.


These user-friendly features empower you to manage your product images efficiently, ensuring that your online store showcases your products in the best possible light. With ALD’s intuitive interface and seamless functionality, optimizing your product listings has never been easier.

With these straightforward steps, you can effortlessly manage your product images and enhance the visual appeal of your online store.

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In conclusion, mastering product image selection is crucial for enhancing your online store’s visual appeal and attracting customers. By understanding the different types of product images and leveraging ALD’s powerful tools in the Import List section, you can streamline your image management process and create an immersive shopping experience for your audience.

Invest time and effort into selecting high-quality, compelling images, and watch as they elevate your storefront and drive conversions.

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