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Have you heard about the modern sales techniques by creating Urgency Psychology with WooCommerce Sales Countdown timer ?

Urgency psychology

What is Urgency psychology?

Urgency psychology” or often used “Hurry up, act now, the only time left…” is a term of affording to do something immediately.

In sales marketing, Creating urgency psychology plays an important role, marketers can take advantage of act-now psychology to promote the purchasing of the customers and boost sales. It’s a key feature if the markers have the most in-depth knowledge of how the customers’ behavior when they purchase in Urgency.

Why is Urgency psychology important in sales marketing?

Normally, customers need time before purchasing items. They will find out carefully, think too hard about price, package, origin …and compare with other items. It takes too long time to make sales. and the shop owners always get hard to increase conversion, sales, and revenue.

If the shop owners can make a maths calculation about how to raise sales when

How do you create Urgency psychology with WooCommerce Sales Countdown timer?

In this blog, we want to share with you the Sales technique with WooCommerce Sales Countdown timer to increase sales conversion. There are some hints that you can use to enhance the Urgency psychology level on your website with WooCommerce Sales Countdown timer

1. Creating scarcity

Scarcity is one of the most key features to create urgent psychology. When an item is going to run out, customers immediately will want to buy the item.

You just offer some special deals for the products or product bundles, It will encourage the customer to buy your products at once. For example “2/20 of products left” or ” 18/20 products sold” or “Hurry up! this 10% OFF cart ends in 1 hour”


This technique is definitely effective because it creates urgency psychology, it makes the customers not much more hesitant to purchase that item. However, you should outstand your product value before offering some special deals.

You can set a sales countdown timer for each product if each one has its own sales campaign. This hint helps you schedule marketing products more carefully and specifically when each product has its own worth as well as fit for your business purpose. For example, you sell shoes and bags, you should have your own strategy to sell these depending on seasons, at the peak seasons of each product, you will apply sales campaign for that individual product. That helps you emphasize your products even if it would be a low season of a product.

timer on product list

2. Set checkout countdown timer

Checkout countdown is also one of the most effective methods to create urgency psychology. A checkout countdown timer is put at an eye-catching position on the website will encourage the customers’ behavior in buying more products.

An example of British Airways, Booking a plane ticket has applied the countdown timer and sent it to the customers by email. This urges the customer to book the flight ticket to save money in the limit time. Besides, the red banner is designed to create prompt psychology and affect effectively purchasing products.

British Airways Countdown Timer


Countdown timer + Scarcity + urgency psychology all will urge the customers to buy more products in a limited time.

Checkout countdown timer

3. Competition

People love a good competition. Competitive situations are prime opportunities to unleash the urgency of instinct and get people to act. Online games or sharing contests easily provoke a sense of urgency in the customers.

4. Time-related word

There are abundant of words that suggest increasing urgency psychology level.

  • Be quick
  • Hurry up
  • Fast
  • Ends now
  • Rapidly
  • Time is limited
  • Over
  • A chance only…

These words will affect positively customers’ psychology and push them to buy the products rapidly.


Urgency psychology is becoming popular in business tactics. If the businessman is aware of the importance of Urgency psychology and knows how to apply it in his business flexibility, specifically, it will help him conque sales goals that he set rapidly and effectively. So why don’t you try this Modern Sales Technique right now with WooCommerce Sales Countdown Timer?


Do you have sales countdown strategies for your products after reading this blog? Let’s take action right now!


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