New release – WPBulky WordPress Bulk Edit Post Types

VillaTheme is delighted to announce a new release: WPBulky – WordPress Bulk Edit Post Types.

⚡ WPBulky – WordPress Bulk Edit Post Types is a helpful tool that allows you to work with post types in bulk. The plugin supports sufficient tools to bulk edit post types like posts, pages, media, custom post types ….This plugin can filter properties of post types such as title, slug, image, publish date, status, allow comments, allow trackbacks, author, password, metadata … quickly get post meta fields to edit in bulk. Take advantage of the plugin, you can save time and improve site management by expertly editing post types in bulk.

⚡ Outstanding features:

✍️ Saving a huge of time to quickly bulk edit properties of a post type.
✍️ Filter based on all properties of post types: ID, Title, Content, Published date…
✍️ Filter fields to edit, make it convenient and visual to edit a row or object.
✍️ Doing custom post meta fields of 3rd plugins
✍️ Optimizing manipulation: Duplicate, delete, create, preview…
✍️ History to observe and revert the edits.
✍️ Customer support service.
Much more than those…
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