Release Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce – Send Cart Recovery Email

We have just released a plugin that helps you to recover your customer abandoned carts. It is Abandoned Cart Recovery for WooCommerce.  The plugin can capture customer abandoned carts, send them cart recover email and display cart recovery reports.

Send Cart Recovery Email


Capture Abandoned Cart

If customers fill in an email on the checkout page but do not complete purchase. As a result, the plugin will record that as an abandoned cart.

  • Tracking Guest’s Cart: track abandoned cart of guests.
  • Abandoned Cart time for Guest: select a time to mark a cart as abandoned with guests.
  • Tracking Member’s Cart: track abandoned cart of logged in users.
  • Abandoned Cart time for Members: select a time to count a cart as abandoned with logged in users.
  • Exclude people: the plugin will not record abandoned carts of selected users.
  • Delete abandoned records: abandoned cart will be saved in your back-end. Schedule a time to automatically delete these records.

Send Cart Recovery Email

The plugin will send a cart recovery email to the customer. So customer can go to their abandoned cart directly.

  • Send cart recovery email to members: choose to send recovery emails to logged in users.
  • Send cart recovery email to guests: choose to send recovery emails to guests.
  • Email subject: change the cart recovery email subject.
  • Email content: change the cart recovery email content.
  • Shortcodes: use shortcodes to display information about admin email address, customer name, website URL, site title in the recovery email.
  • View Cart button: display a View Cart button in the recovery email, customers can click on this button to go back to their abandoned cart.
  • Send test email: type in an email address to send a test email.
  • Reply Emails to: select a reply to email address. If customers reply to the recovery email, the reply email will be sent to this address. The reply to address is the admin email address, by default.
  • Email templates: you can create multiple email templates.
  • Send mail rules: set up to send different email at different time.
  • Notify Admin: if a customer recoveries his/her abandoned cart. The plugin will send a notification email to admin.

Send Coupon

To encourage customers to recovery their abandoned cart, so you can set up to send coupons along with recovery emails.

  • Existing coupon: select to send an existing coupon along with an email template. To use this option you need to create coupons at WoooCommerce/ Coupons.
  • Generate coupon: set up to auto-generate coupon to send along with the recovery email. You can set up the coupon will all the WooCommerce Coupon options.


The plugin will save abandoned cart report in your backend. So you can check the abandoned cart list and reports anytime.

  • Abandoned table: check abandoned cart report with customer name, email address, cart details, abandoned time, status (abandoned, recovered), number of sent emails, IP, country.
  • Reports: the plugin creates abandoned cart reports. The reports include information about total abandoned cart amount, total recovered cart amount, abandoned cart logs, abandoned cart product list, and sent coupons.

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