Release WooCommerce Suggestion Engine

We just released a new plugin called WooCommerce Suggestion Engine. WooCommerce Suggestion Engine is a WooCommerce extension which gives you a better search system. It is very important to allow your customer to find the product they want, fast and correctly. The plugin put a suggested search result dropdown into your search bar. Allows customers to go to the product, product category, product tags they want to find directly. The dropdown will appear when customers fill in the first letter and change based on letters which typed in. The plugin also helps you to create product suggestion lists and display them using shortcodes.

The plugin has two main features:

Search engine

The search engine feature displays suggestion results on your search bar. You can choose to display the most popular searched products. Or display products which relate to the keyword that customers typed in. With the option to display related product, you can display related products, related product categories and related product tags on the suggestion dropdown.

Product Suggestion

The product suggestion feature allows you to create product suggestion shortcodes. You can create multi shortcode with different option to use at other places. WooCommerce Suggestion Engine also has built-in positions which you can select a product suggestion to display without shortcode.

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