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🎇 June has arrived, and so has our much-anticipated June Plugin Deals! This month, we’re excited to offer exclusive discounts on three must-have WooCommerce plugins designed to supercharge your online store. These plugins will help you recover lost sales, engage customers with fun promotions, and gather valuable reviews to build trust and boost conversions. Let’s explore the amazing features and savings you can take advantage of this June!


🛒 WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery: Recover lost sales by using email, SMS, and Messenger reminders to bring customers back to complete their purchases. Features include customizable templates for personalized messaging and detailed analytics to track recovery rates and optimize strategies.

Save 20% on WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery and Reduce cart abandonment and boost your sales effortlessly!  🏷️ Only $40 $32  🏷️

🎡 WooCommerce Lucky Wheel – Spin to Win: Engage customers with the WooCommerce Lucky Wheel plugin. Add a fun spin-to-win pop-up on your site where customers can win discounts and prizes. Collect emails in exchange for spins and customize prizes to drive sales and build your subscriber list.

Enjoy 20% Discount on WooCommerce Lucky Wheel and Increase conversions and delight customers with this interactive tool! 🏷️ Only $30 $24 🏷️

⭐ WooCommerce Photo Reviews: Boost credibility with the WooCommerce Photo Reviews plugin. Collect and showcase customer reviews with photos, send automated review reminders, and offer discounts for feedback. Customize display settings and moderation options to ensure quality reviews.

Get 20% Off on WooCommerce Photo Reviews  Enhance your store’s reputation and attract more customers with genuine reviews!  🏷️ Only $32 $26 🏷️


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Let’s make this June a month of growth and success for your WooCommerce store! 🚀


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