Update WooCommerce Boost Sales version 1.4.0

In the latest version of WooCommerce Boost Sales provides you some fix and many new features.

WooCommerce Boost Sales version 1.4.0 changelogs.

  • Fixed: Variations selection problem of Upsell.
  • Fixed: Rearrange bundle items.
  • Fixed: Conflict with Contact Form 7.
  • Fixed: Error on IE11.
  • Fixed: Conflict with Yith Bundle.
  • Optimize: Cache data to improve performance.
  • Added: Exclude products that use upsell.
  • Added: Options to select the template for upsells/cross-sell on mobile.
  • Added: Options to hide cross-sell if one item of the bundle is out of stock.
  • Added: Default categories for cross-sell bundle.
  • Added: Able to rearrange upsell products display order.
  • Updated: Add product link to product title and image.
  • Updated: Use <span> instead of <h2> for product title in upsell popup for SEO purpose.
  • Updated: Show an image or add to cart variation instead of variable.
  • Updated: Hide out-of-stock variation of the bundle if “Hide out of stock items from the catalog” in WooCommerce settings is enabled.



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