Why does the “fixed price” feature not work on WPML site?

There is a problem with the fixed price feature of WooCommerce Multi Currency on WPML sites. The problem is that when a guest switches between language, the price will be replaced by the price that the plugin calculated base on currency exchange rate.

 So why does this problem happen?

The reason for this problem is that WPML does not only translate your sites but it duplicates it. Example, you use WPML to translate your site language from English to Spanish, so there will be two different version of your site, one for English and one for Spanish. Unfortunately, the fixed price is not included in this progress, so when you switch from English to Spanish, there will be no fixed price there. Then the plugin will display the price which is calculated base on currency exchange rate.

 Then how can this be solved?

To solve this problem, you will need to re-enter the price for the Spanish version of your site as well.

In product edit page, you have the price and fixed price typed in.

Then switch to other languages, it’s Spanish in this case.

The prblem is now solved.

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