5 Best Selling VillaTheme’s Plugins have Updates in the end of September.

We are delighted to announce some plugins which have updates in the middle and end of September. What are they and how they have changed will be presented in detail below.

1. WooCommerce Email Template Customizer v

  • Updated: Add do shortcode
  • Updated: Order detail template overridable
  • Updated: Font-family
  • Updated: Center on mobile option for text element
  • Updated: Fix button on outlook
  • Updated: Show custom css on preview
  • Updated: Remove product link in order detail
  • Updated: Add shortcode {from_email}
  • Fixed: Send email with wc_mailer
  • Fixed: Style of default template with outlook
  • Fixed: Color of link


2. ALD – Aliexpress Dropshipping and Fulfillment for WooCommerce v1.0.5.4

  • Fixed: Some issues with product attributes mapping feature when replacement contains accented words
  • Fixed: Shipping cost imported in wrong currency for some products from some suppliers
  • Fixed: Do not show shipping options in the sidebar cart of WooCommerce Cart All In One plugin
  • Fixed: Shipping cost added to product is tax excluded for some countries
  • Fixed: Link of Request support button from the plugin settings page


3. Shopify to WooCommerce v 1.1.2.

  • Fixed: Webhook product update
  • Updated: Support latest Shopify API version 2021-07
  • Added: Product status mapping option
  • Added: Sync new variations
  • Added: Sync tags via webhooks
  • Added: Option to chose to import Shopify product type as a category, a tag or a post meta
  • Added: Option to chose to import Shopify product vendor as a category, a tag or a post meta
  • Added: Option to chose to import Shopify product barcode as a post meta
  • Added: Option sync product metafields by mapping to post metas


4. WooCommerce Multi Currency v 2.1.21

  • Updated: PHP required
  • Fixed: [woo_multi_currency_exchange] shortcode not working with currencies that have 0 decimals
  • Fixed: Incorrect prices shown in product price switcher for variable products when using fixed price
  • Fixed: Error with PHP version before 7.4
  • Fixed: Duplicated add-to-cart action if switching currency (by js) after adding a product to cart(submit)


5. WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar v

  • Fixed: Ajax loading mini cart compatible with WPML
  • Fixed: Fixed Plugin not working when the Order min amount gets value 0
  • Fixed: Font size in the bar text message not run the style in setting
  • Fixed: Fixed compatible with SG Optimizer – Error: couldn’t connect wordpress REST API


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