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New plugin feature are available for this late November, let’s come check them out and see what they can do for your website.

WooCommerce Photo Reviews – Review Reminders – Review for Discounts version 1.1.8

– updated: Allow customer to submit comments for review form shortcode if disabled ‘Comment author must fill out name and email’

Pofily – Woocommerce Product Filters version 1.0.1

– Fixed: Show tooltip in review filter
– Fixed: Modal cannot be closed on firefox
– Fixed: Cannot save on firefox

WooCommerce Coupon Box version 2.0.6

– Updated: Polylang change get current language method

WooCommerce Product Builder – Custom PC Builder – Product Configurator version 2.1.1

– Fixed: AJAX template duplicate step

WooCommerce Boost Sales – Upsells & Cross Sells Popups & Discount version 1.4.6

– Fixed: Bundle subtotal and saved amount in cart when quantity is greater than 1 if using dynamic price
– Updated: Prevent bundle item quantity from being changed via cart update
– Added: Support of overriding templates


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