New features and fixes arrive late in August

We’re always working to make your experience even better. Stay tuned for our next update, which will include new features and fixes for you to explore.

1. Bopo – WooCommerce Product Bundle Builder

– Updated: Add option order product by date
– Fixed: Conflict with Hub-core
– Fixed: Some text can’t be translate
– Fixed: Script error with Elementor
– Fixed: Wrong price with default product
– Fixed: Show description when this setting disabled
– Fixed: Variation image loaded not correct on some product
– Updated: Add feature to filter product by category on popup
– Updated: Add feature to search product by title on popup
– Updated: Add option to change bundle position on single page
– Updated: Add bundle note
– Updated: Add field to include/exclude variation product
– Updated: Add bundle range price on shop page
– Updated: Add option to select calculated sale/regular/current price on bundle
– Updated: Add option to select position of alert text
– Updated: Add custom attributes handle
– Updated: Popup variation style select box compatible with WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches by VillaTheme
– Updated: Update support file

2. WebPOS – WooCommerce POS – Point of Sale

– Added: Allow override of product barcode field with another field
– Added: Receipt option to hide product variations
– Added: Option to show receipt in email
– Added: Auto sync online data on the POS page each time duration
– Added: Support multi Outlets
– Added: Support restaurant/cafe modes


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