New update VillaTheme’s plugins in August

Some plugins are available for a new update in August. Have you updated and experienced these new functions? Let’s find out which plugins are being updated and what news is on them.

1. WooCommerce Notification version 

– Fixed: Hidden notify in new widget preview wordpress
– Fixed: Critical error when the product is not added to other languages in ajax.

2. ALD – Aliexpress Dropshipping and Fulfillment for WooCommerce version 

– Fixed: Price sync not working correctly in some cases when pricing rules change
– Optimized: Add pagination for attributes mapping feature
– Optimized: Add Ajax search for filtering failed images by product in case there are too many products

3. WooCommerce Multi Currency version 2.1.17 
– Fixed: Shipping tax conversion issue in some cases
– Fixed: WooCommerce Booking resource not converting
– Fixed: WooCommerce Product addons compatibility issue
– Fixed: Flexible shipping cost not converting
– Fixed: Conversion issue with Smart bundle for WooCommerce plugin
– Fixed: Conversion issue with PPOM for WooCommerce plugin
– Fixed: Incorrect approximate price of cart elements(if enabled) if the current currency is not the default currency
– Fixed: “Use cache plugin” option changes multiple shortcodes on a page to one layout
– Updated: Compatibility with WP 5.8 and WC 5.5
– Added: Auto fill EU countries when using “Get country by currency” button
– Added: Button to fix the issue with orders missing currency rates info
– Added: ETH, LTC, ZWL

4. Bulky – WooCommerce Bulk Edit Products version 1.0.3 

-Fix: Scroll bar not working after close select upsell/cross-sell column
-Fix: Curency format
-Update: Duplicate product

5.WooCommerce Checkout Upsell Funnel version

– Added: Display button to remove added product on basic template on Upsell Funnel

6. WooCommerce Lucky Wheel version

– Fixed: Allow free shipping
– Fixed: Export emails

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