New updates early in September

We’ve been listening to your feedback, and we’ve got a whole host of new updates in early September that were created based on it. New features and fixes are available, so make sure to update the plugins you use from Plugins dashboard if you want to take advantage of all that we’re delivering.

1. WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery v1.0.10

– Fixed: Send sms error
– Fixed: Error with generate coupon
– Fixed: Product link not correct in abandoned email
– Fixed: Display price on abandoned table incorrect
– Updated: Add option to edit email cart block
– Updated: Add GDPR notice on checkout page
– Updated: Add Infobip SMS provider
– Updated: Add Active Campaign, Sendinblue to archive customer email

2. WooCommerce Orders Tracking v1.1.1

– Fixed: 17Track shipment status is empty in some cases

– Fixed: PayPal live client secret field is autofilled with user password by Chrome browser in some cases

– Fixed: Preview date/time in customize – Updated: Logs are now stored in the same log folder of WooCommerce

– Updated: Show tracking info inside shortcode of WooCommerce

– Added: New tracking service Tracktry

– Added: Option to change the way tracking number is managed: by order item, by order or by both

– Added: Possibility to set tracking number for each purchased quantity of an order item

– Added: Option to change user capability to use the plugin

– Added: Ability to edit tracking number in admin orders list

– Added: Support of rest API to set tracking numbers

– Added: Ability to add a custom carrier by selecting from TrackingMore/17Track/Tracktry carriers list

– Improved: Edit tracking number UI/UX on admin order edit page

– Fixed: “Track per item quantity” not working as expected in some cases

– Fixed: Set tracking numbers API response


3. Faview – Virtual Reviews for WooCommerce v1.0.4

– Update: Add random quantity in add review manual
– Update: Filter product review count in product list page
– Fix: Check duplicate reply


4. 9MAIL – WordPress Email Templates Designer v1.0.1

-Fix: Sample dropdown is hidden

5. WebPOS – WooCommerce POS v1.0.2

– Added: Allow override of product barcode field with another field
– Added: Receipt option to hide product variations
– Added: Option to show receipt in email
– Added: Auto sync online data on the POS page each time duration
– Added: Support restaurant/cafe modes


6. S2W – Import Shopify to WooCommerce v1.1.8

– Fixed: Product sync – Images
– Fixed: Import shipping zones
– Fixed: Import refunds in some cases
– Updated: Deleted Shopify variations will also be deleted from WooCommerce when syncing product variations
– Added: Option to change user capability to use the plugin


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