New updates of some plugins.

📣 We have just updated a new version of some plugins. Those sum up from customer’s ideas and suggestions for our plugins, to make them better. Now the updates are ready to spread out for all customers. Let check out what’s news:


1. WooCommerce Cart All in One version

– fixed: Responsible on mobile if the address bar is visible
– Updated: Change the position of the navigation button on the product plus slide
– Updated: Link to the documentation


2. Aliexpress Dropshipping and Fulfillment for WooCommerce version 1.0.1

– Fixed: Wrong price when running Update product if AliExpress currency is not USD or price rules change
– Fixed: Bug when trashing a WooCommerce product
– Fixed: Attribute value is now case-sensitive when editing in Import list
– Added: Automatically update product price/quantity with cron
– Added: Automatically get order tracking numbers with cron
– Added: WooCommerce product status on Imported page
– Added: Custom address to receive notification when updating products
– Added: Map shipping company when syncing orders
– Added: Button to update individual product with extension on Imported page
– Added: Auto generate unique sku if exists
– Changed: Move the “Get access token” section to Update tab
– Changed: Bulk Set price button only works for selected variations in Import list
– Changed: Do not use background process to import product description anymore


3. WooCommerce Product Builder version 2.0.7

– Fixed: Attributes depend
– Updated: Lightbox for product thumb
– Updated: Add option Show product within out of stock
– Updated: Add option Hide product with price is zero
– Updated: Add option Remove link from product


4. WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar version

– Fixed: No shipping zone notice
– Updated: Add shortcode [woo_free_shipping_bar]
– Updated: Success message add shortcode {cart_page}, {shopping}


If your item support is expired, you can follow this guide to update plugin for free through the Envato’s toolkit.

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