Recent Updated Plugins Late October

Prepare for the most recent update! At the End of October, new features and bug fixes will be made available now, please check them out:

1. WooCommerce Boost Sales v1.4.12

– Fixed: Compatibility issue with Woodmart theme’s lazy loading images
– Fixed: Variation selection in Frequently bought together not working properly when “Load with Ajax” option is enabled
– Updated: Move Upsell popup html to a template file so that it can now be overridden by theme
– Added: Option “Item link behavior” for Upsells and Frequently bought together
– Added: Vietnamese translation

2. WooCommerce Coupon Box v2.0.11

– Fix: Recaptcha not working when using background effect
– Fix: Existing coupon type shown as ID instead of code in shortcode and emails list
– Update: Add Mailster to email API list
– Update: Make Recaptcha also work with shortcode
– Fix: Condition check when recaptcha is not enabled but other recaptcha plugins are running

3. WooCommerce Orders Tracking v1.1.3

– Fixed: Cainiao
– Fixed: Remove debug code from 1.1.2

4. CURCY – WooCommerce Multi Currency v2.2.0
– Fixed: Compatibility issues with WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options By ThemeComplete – Price not converting in cart when Cart Field Display is set to Advanced display
– Fixed: Compatibility issues with WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce by WPClever
– Fixed: Bulk fixed price
– Fixed: “Use cache plugin” and approximate price
– Fixed: Flag css overridden by some themes
– Fixed: Compatibility issue with OrderBumps: WooCommerce Checkout Offers – WooFunnels
– Fixed: Convert refunded value in Analytics
– Update: Convert refund amount TeraWallet
– Update: Use cache plugin with override by JSON option
– Update: Add query args to product url when Google Listing & Ads push data to Google Merchant center
– Update: Compatible with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Ultimate (Plugin Republic)

5. ALD – AliExpress Dropshipping and Fulfillment for WooCommerce v1.1.2

– Fixed: Unable to import products from due to new changes from AliExpress
– Added: Option to only link existing variations when overriding/reimporting products

6. WooCommerce Email Template Customizer v1.1.12

– Updated: Compatible with WC 7.0.0
– Updated: Compatible with ‘SUMO Discount’ by Fantastic Plugins
– Updated: Add {applied_coupon} to coupon code
– Updated: Add {order_edit_url} for email send to admin
– Updated: Add {order_number_with_url_edit} for email send to admin
– Updated: Add {view_order_url} for email send to customer

7. WebPOS – WooCommerce POS v1.0.4

– Added: Allow specific cashiers to edit the orders
– Added: Calculate tax based on shop address or customer information
– Added: Allow print shortcodes on Receipt footer separate by line break
– Added: Support rtl for Receipt
– Added: Custom css for Receipt
– Added: Order note, product note for Receipt

8. WooCommerce Photo Reviews v1.3.5

– Fixed: Page scrolling after closing review popup in some cases
– Fixed: Submit review not showing in some cases

9. Sales Countdown Timer for WooCommerce and WordPress v1.0.7

– Updated: Update support file
– Updated: Shortcode [sales_countdown_timer_list] to show all products have countdown timer
– Fixed: Load file error when use WooCommerce cart all in one
– Fixed: Price load error
– Fixed: Custom checkout timer not working
– Fixed: Elementor deprecated function


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