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1.Imported Price 2.Updated Price 3.Shipping Time

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    Hongyi Zhuo

    Hi there!

    Thanks for writing this plugin, its the first AliExpress plugin I tried.
    I did a test run today and would like to share some feedback. =)

    1. Imported Price
    The price imported from AliExpress seems to be missing the shipping cost.
    I think there should be a + shipping cost to be factored into the imported price as shipping cost varies across different items. This will stabilise the profit margin and prevent loss (e.g. if shipping cost is higher than profit margin, a loss will be made for small products using the same product price percentage e.g 200%)

    2. Auto Update Prices
    I think there should be an update button for the plugin user to update the prices from AliExpress or a cron job to pull and update daily/weekly/monthly prices as prices on AliExpress might change. Or highlight and warn plugin user when prices on AliExpress no longer match the originally pulled price. This will stabilise the profit margin and prevent user from making a loss should the cost price on AliExpress goes up suddenly. User can react faster to either update the price or remove the product when informed.

    I also think that the exchange rate on the prices should not be set manually as currency fluctuation is live. It will be good to call upon e.g. google or yahoo finance API on a daily/weekly/monthly basisto feed the currency exchange rates with the plugin user being able to do some adjustment on the pulled rates (e.g. +/- a few pips or points to prevent exchange losses). With it, user doesn’t have to keep updating rates every few days and profit margin can be kept more stable instead of having to constantly monitor exchange rates.

    3. Shipping Time
    I notice something strange about the shipping time. On AliExpress site, it stated that 14-24 days for delivery but it appears as 5 days processing time on chrome plugin overlay. This doesn’t seem to be coherent.


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