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2 issues with plugin

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    Adam Lescisin


    i love your new plugin, i discovered 2 issues that i need fixed asap please:
    – in the plugin’s designer, the Woocommerce widget of order Total can be translated in the front-end, however the actual email message always arrives with the label “Total”, regardless of which language settings or translations. It seems that this particular lable is hardcoded in the template code.
    – in the social icons widget, is there a way to NOT SHOW an icon, which doesnot have a URL filled/provided ? Eg. i do not have a Twitter account but the icon always shows up, even if there is no URL defined. Actually, i would be great if this particular widget is more flexible – ie. let the user define how many and which icons to include.

    Could you please have a look at this asap ?

    Thank you and good luck !


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