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A page caching problem

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    Edward Lukawski

    I have a problem with a page caching. My website https://www.wellnessorama.com/ So I bought your plugin because it looked the best for me and met all my expectations. I checked all free cache plugins Autoptimize, WP Fastest Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Total Cache and others. So WP Fastest Cache looks for me the best – fastest loading time and minimum errors. The only thing which very typical for all this type of plugins – page caching problems. I mean when someone from another country loads a website he/she will see the last coming person currency configuration of the website (mostly from another country with another currency) instead of the person local currency. What I see even when I test it on my laptop and mobile in the same country, in Ireland, that even when it recognize the country and showing products list in euro (because I am in Ireland), it showing the last chosen currency on Card sign (right top of the main page) and on the shopping card page. For example, I’ve chosen a product in Canadian dollars during my previous visit using Chrome; closed the website page and opened the website again on mobile or on Internet Explorer or Opera and what I see – very often it recognize the local currency Euro but shows me on the right corner Canadian dollar sign and when I go to Shop page it shows all products in Canadian dollars instead of Euro. So please tell me could help to fix the problem? I saw on your website a note for WP Fastest Cache – Require to change WooCommerce settings.
    Autoptimize Frank Goossens (futtta) Require to change WooCommerce settings
    WP Fastest Cache Emre Vona Require to change WooCommerce settings
    WP Super Cache Automattic Require a free plugin
    WP Rocket WP Media Fully compatible
    W3 Total Cache Frederick Townes Fully compatible

    What does it mean? Could you tell me what should I change at the settings? I was thinking also about buying WP Rocket plugin because it’s the best at all and you say it’s fully compatible with your plugin but I think I’ll do it later. Firstly I want to check is it possible to use a free plugin and fix all the problems with it. Actually I’ve done some research about a page caching problem. They say there is a solution for that – Dynamic caching which actually WP Rocket and WP Super Cache plugins have. Do you think it could be the best just to try one of them? But WP Super Cache was much slower and more errors on my website. Please let me know what you think about it.
    Edward Lukawski

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