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Add to cart doesnt work and max number in each step

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    Rune Bang Naundrup

    My name is Rune and I have just bought this plugin. I have a few things I would like information on and help with. Maybe the functions is already there maybe it is not. Can you help me?

    Problem 1:
    I have a similar problem with add to cart like the other topic. Please see my website.

    Link: https://d2marketplace.net/shop/build-your-own-sorceress/

    See picture 1 and 2 attached. I also tried from another computer that wasn’t logged into administrator. I also tried a different browser than chrome.

    Problem 2:
    I want to have different rules on each different step. Like Step 1 I need only to pick one item. Step 2 I need to only pick one item. But my step 4 i want to be able to pick 2 items before it moves on.

    Problem 3:
    I also want to be able to rearrange the steps. So I don’t have to delete the steps and create them again just to reorder the steps. Se picture 3.

    Problem 4:
    What is the attributes I can put in under the step? See picture 4.

    Also I have a few ideas to make this plugin more user friendly. When I write on search it can only search the categories or products. And the search content doesnt update automatically when i write i have to press search. Sometimes when I delete my search input the plugin restarts and goes back to front page of the plugin.

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