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Ajax add to cart not checking all necessary validations

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    Stefan Schmitz


    we use Product Addons for Woocommerce for personalised products. In this case to create a certificate of sponsorship.

    These fields are mandatory:
    – name or names of the sponsor(s)
    – whether its one or multiple sponsor
    – start of the sponsorship

    These field rules are being validated upon add to cart.

    We use Astra theme with the pro plugin which comes with their own Ajax add to cart feature – and we used that until we activated the sticky add to cart of your plugin. In order to have an ajax button there, we need to activate the Cart all in on Ajax button feature.

    With that, Ajax works well everywhere but it does NOT validate the custom fields correctly (or at all), while the Astra Pro Ajax does (as expected).

    I recorded a video do demonstrate the issue and also prepared an environment where you can test the behaviour.
    On this page, I manually unloaded your Ajax add to cart JS, so that you can check the standard and expected behaviour.

    On this page on the other hand, your Ajax add to cart JS is being loaded

    Please check this video for a demonstration of the issue:

    Also (but this is a minor issue), the Ajax add to cart button animation looks different when clicked in-page compared to in-sticky-footer, which is also demonstrated in the video.

    If I can help further, I’ll be happy to do so!

    Thanks a lot for you support

    PS: we deactivated sticky add to cart for all products with custom fields, so we don’t run into trouble with the additional fields in the sticky add to cart footer, but we still have the issues on the in-page add to cart

    PPS: Caching is completely disabled in the environment

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