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ALD Sale and Regular price issue

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    John Barkouzos

    Hi Team

    I will need your help on this problem.

    Until now I have one standard price rule “Multiply x1,6 (sale price) and x2(Regular Price)

    As I don’t want to have “Sale Price” and “Regular Price” anymore, I edit this rule to multiply x -1 (Sale Price) and x1,6 (Regular Price).
    See this https://imgur.com/orNbhXv

    Then I synqed all my products, the price changed but it is wrong (see this https://imgur.com/pvwxtVs)

    I tried again by syncing only one product and price formula worked (see this https://imgur.com/gAatHkz)

    I tried again to synq all products but issue remains.

    So I got back to my previous setup (multiply x1,6 and x2)

    I don’t want to use the sale price anymore.
    Is it possible to help me?

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