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    I fulfilled the order from my website and automatically few days later after ordering item from aliexpress the tracking id synced with the order, which is good. After the tracking id came in the order from woocommerce went automatically to “completed” status, which is also good. But after the status of the order changes to “completed”, woocommerce sends out an email notifying that “your order is completed” – This email however did not include a section that should have a tracking number.

    Both: Dropship & fullfill and also Orders tracking plugins are enabled and (configured, i guess).
    The Dropship & fullfillment plugin is premium and Order Tracking plugin is free version.

    I have created a custom shipping carrier called “OM-Standard-Shipping” which leads to https://parcelsapp.com/en/tracking/{tracking_number} URL. As i understand correctly after order table there should be a section that inlcudes tracking number with my custom made carrier URL right?

    Please could you instruct what may be the problem. (I attached 3 images which explains my plugins settings.)


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