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Annoying top bar suddenly appeared

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    Evgenii Dimov

    I was recommended to ask for your help here from the plugin support in Envato.
    The issue is:
    After the update, all the settings changed for unknown reasons and now I have an annoying blue top bar on almost every page!
    Why is there no option to disable the top bar completely ON EVERY PAGE?
    We can choose “Position”, or “Style” but there is no option to disable it at all….
    What the heck…
    I have conditional tags !(is_product()||is_cart()||is_checkout()), also I checked “Home”, “Product category”, and “Product tag” in settings, but still I see this …. panel!
    An update should make the plugin better, not fray the developer’s nerves.
    Now I can a 100000000-sec time delay to avoid this pop-up but it is so an ugly solution.
    Please log in and look at the situation by yourself.

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