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Bar Not Displaying Properly

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    Dino Behler

    I have purchased the pro version of the free shipping bar plugin and I am having issues with the bar displaying correctly.

    On the desktop side, the bar does not display properly when you begin to scroll down any page on our website. The bar overlaps our sticky header and the top portion of the bar appears to shrink down in size.

    It also overlaps on the mobile side as well.

    The website is https://optimizeumeals.com.

    Also, the bar does not show up when somebody visits the website for the first time. They have to add something to their cart first before any of it appears.

    I have also noticed that when I add products to the cart from this page (https://optimizeumeals.com/menu/) the progress bar does not update immediately. You have to refresh the page to see any new percentage results.

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