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Bundle Product Price individually

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    Jérémy Bornerand


    I have a problem on checkout with the price individually function of bundle products. Everything is working fine in the main currency (EUR), but with the second (CHF) I have a problem:
    – Product A is a bundle product, with a base price (34EUR or 40.5CHF) & composed of product B & C. the product C is marked as “Priced individually”
    – Product C is a simple product with price 17EUR and 21CHF

    On checkout in CHF, prices are ok until it “ajax reloads”. The price stay in CHF, but the product C isn’t loading with the good price/currency, it stays in EUR. See video attached… the price should stay 61.5CHF (40.5 + 21) but it becomes 57.5CHF, that is 40.5CHF of the base price + 17 (EUR?)…

    My plugins are up to date…

    Thanks if you have any information about that problem.

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