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Calculate shipping in different regions of Brazil

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    Hello everything is fine?
    I bought the ALD plugin thinking it would do the shipping calculations correctly. But that isn’t happening. It just gives me the option that is in the product based on “my account on aliexpress”.
    Let me explain: By Aliexpress rule, cities in the southeast have free shipping. But in other cities, the calculation is done using the ZIP CODE, and from what I’ve seen, it can vary between 2 to 10 dollars. How can I show the cost of shipping to people in that region, if the plug-in, before I put my location, it already gives the shipping option? And it always comes with free shipping (for products that had free shipping on aliexpress).
    From the video I saw of you before buying (How to Display Shipping…) I understood that it would bring the options according to the region, and in fact it only brings the shipping options that the product has (if it has one or more options).
    That’s right?? How do I solve this problem? If not even in the shipping options of woocommerce does the shipping types appear for me to select by region?
    And why does the ZIP CODE field appear more often in the cart, does plugging hide it?

    Thank you for guidance!

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