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Can the plugin send 2 emails for one order?

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    I sell seminars and workshops with Woocommerce. I use Email Template Customizer to send a very special “product confirmation” (or registration confirmation) for each “product” (registration). This includes location, time and other information for this special event.

    Sometimes people register for 2 or more events. They will see all the products that they have ordered in the confirmation email, but these special, additional details only for one product. But they should receive this information for every event (i.e. for every product).

    I understand that the email with higher priority will be sent. I set the priority for all mails the same. It seems that then a random email is sent.

    Is there any way to set this up so that an email is sent for each product in the order? If not, would it be possible to add this feature to the plugin?

    Or is there another possibility to make that work?

    Thank you

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