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Cloudflare + WP ROCKET + WPENGINE cache issue

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    Hi there,

    We have WOO ecommerce store and currency works fine if we are either logged in OR if we disable all cache.
    We have cloudflare CDN pro plan, WPENGIEN hosting and WPROCKET cache plugin.

    Once we check website without login, it doesn’t save the selection of currency, meaning if we switch to other pages it shows default currency instead of newly selected one. Please let me know what else info you might need.

    Note :
    – It works on staging as Cloudflare cache is disbaled there (wpengine + wprocket is there still worked so seems only cldoudflare is the issue)
    – We have added cookies required under wprocket plugin and also under wpengine install with the help of support
    – We removed all cache, checked in incognito mode, still same.

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