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communication with trackingmore plugin

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    I just purchased the plugin, it looks cool.
    I read some of the posts in the forum, and it seems that your plugin cannot communicate with TrackingMore. I wonder how possible that you can make this happen, including to pay extra customized fee.
    The situation is that I am using a 3rd ERP, and the tracking number will pass to woocommerce via TrackingMore. In that case, it’s be more conveneint for us if the tracking information can be uploaded to PayPal automatically.

    By the way, I simply need the function to pass tracking information to PayPal.Does it mean that I simply need to configure the “Shipping Carrier” and “PayPal” tab?

    Also, in “PayPal” tab, there is 2 payment method: PayPal checkout, and PayPal. Since I just use PayPal Checkout, can I leave this other one blank?



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