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Compatibility with Pimwick Gift Card

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    Stephanie Gross

    hi, I have a Pimwick gift card plug in which specifically lists curcy as a preferred currency converter. I am having issues that is keeps switching the currency but not value and giving wrong values to the client. Ie, if a US client purchases a gift card for $200CAD it charged $147USD then when they ordered something for $180USD it took only $108.05 off the bill, and charged to their credit card $84.95USD and left a credit of $53CAD on the gift card. I had to refund $38.95 back to the credit card and manually remove the funds off the gift card. It was messy, confusing. I do not know how pimwick and curcy can interface together to make this fluid. My base currency is in CAD but most of my customers are USD and pay in USD.

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