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Configuration issue

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    Luke Bell

    I need help to fix the up-sell pop-up because it just isn’t showing up at all when I add a product to cart. The Cross-sells feature I could use if it didn’t include the product they initially add to cart in the bundle. To explain, we sell flooring, and a customer will add 10 x packs of flooring to their cart, for example. I want to offer them a bundle of accessories to add with their flooring order but I don’t want more packs of flooring included in the bundle, I only want the accessories. As far as I can tell, the feature at the moment means I can only offer a bundle which included 1 x pack of flooring and some accessories, and if they choose a quantity of 10, they get 10 x packs of flooring, plus 10 x each accessory when they would only need 1 of each accessory. Is there a way to make the accessories bundle a group of separate products, that doesn’t include the original product?

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