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Conflict with Theme and Flexible Checkout Field

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    Hey Villatheme team,

    Really like all your plugins. Just purchased this plugin and really want this to work.

    So there are some issues with the Theme. At the Shop Page and in Single Product pages. The Add to Cart button does not work. Also the “Add to cart for variation product” also does not show.

    Another issue is with the Flexible Checkout Field plugin. I have some conditional fields set in this plugin and it is obviously having some conflicts because of the conditions.

    – The way i make the conditional fields are: When someone click on a specific shipping method, a new drop down field will pop up, followed by another pop up after selecting an option.
    – Another change i have made at the checkout page is (not directly related to Flexible Checkout Field): when a user click on a specific method, the entire shipping section will be hidden. This is done by adding a code snippet (the snippet name is “hide shipping section in checkout” under the Code Snippet plugin.)

    I have added the site access. Would appreciate it if you can have a look.


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