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Conflict with theme and other plugin

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    Hi, I have couple of problems with this plugin.

    1. Scrolling on mobile. I wonder if there is a way to improve it or maybe just turn off the sticky function? Right now, the topbar kind of dissapears on scroll, then apperas after a short break, kind of gets stuck, or at least i get that feeling when i scroll on mobile.

    2. Second issue accures when i open menu or filter, both mobile and webb. Top of the element stays behind topbar making it unable to close opened element.
    Filter: https://prnt.sc/1QvMCKIS0gHk
    Menu desktop: https://prnt.sc/YK2A2NopsYUn
    Mobile menu: Same problem.
    Mobile filter: same problem.

    Windows begin to overlap eich other and everything becomes one big mess. I also have “Cart All in One plugin mixed in all of this”. I been using it with normal sticky header and as you can see completly replaced original the cart with it.
    If i increase the values here https://prnt.sc/2pINggJydrgh, the cart icon is placed way below the header, which is something im trying to avoid.
    Maybe both these issues have same solution? What do i know? Pls let me know what you think can be done here.
    Thanks in advance!

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