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Conflicts with “load more products” type plugins

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    Filippo Giesse Dati

    I tried different plugins that add a Load More Products at the end on the products list pages.
    However, every time I set some filter and restore them, the button is gone.

    You can try from the test page, 1-20 products are shown, if you click load more the other 2 will appear (the server is slow but it will get there). Then open the filters drawer (bottom left button), apply a filter Tag ADIDAS, only one product will be displayed. If you then remove the filter the load more button is gone.

    The plugin I’m using is beRocket Load more products for woocommerce, I asked them but they told the issue is on the filter plugins.
    I tried other different plugins but got the same behavior, Yith infinite scrolling is installed if you want to debug. How can we solve this problem?

    Thank you

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