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Country based currency switch doesn’t work for some countries

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    We have integrated the plugin and set the countries based plugin along with WPML on the site, however, when we try changing the shipping country, for some countries the currency doesn’t change (Sweden, Poland, canada, etc.). Refer to the following scenarios

    We have four stores

    https://sestaging.net (For US and Canada and the currency is USD)
    https://sestaging.net/it/ (For Italy and the currency is Euro)
    https://sestaging.net/en-eu/(For EU countries and the currency is Europe)
    https://sestaging.net/en-uk (for UK and the currency is GBP)

    Here is how that setup is done https://prnt.sc/tc5fgp

    Here is how the currency by country setup is done https://prnt.sc/tc5fqk

    We are also using GeoTargetingWP to redirect visitors to the correct store based on their IP.

    The currency switcher works perfectly for most of the countries except for some like Sweden, Poland, Canada, etc at the checkout.

    If you are in UK store and you change the shipping country to Sweden, the currency still shows as pounds https://prnt.sc/tc5i5u

    But for some other countries like German, France it works perfectly https://prnt.sc/tc5iq8 , https://prnt.sc/tc5j8a

    For me, it seems like this is overriding the settings at the plugin. Can you please let me know a solution for this?

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