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CURCY – Currency Selector Not Working Unless Placed on Cart/Checkout Pages

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    Hello there,

    We recently realized that The CURCY currency selector [woo_multi_currency] does not work properly anymore.

    Some of our settings:

    – Fixed Price
    – user session = ON
    – use cache plugin = overide by AJAX
    – autoselect currency
    – GEO API = woocommerce
    – currency by country

    Everything works correctly with the plugin besides the below:

    – If the currency selector is placed on any pages (besides the two pages mentioned below), whenever we change currency manually, the page reloads twice in a row and get back to the currency related to the IP country.

    _ If the currency selector is placed on the Cart or the Checkout pages, the [woo_multi_currency] selector works properly, AND, after that, whenever we visit other pages of the website, the currency selector keeps on working and we can then successfully keep on changing currencies manually.

    Additional Note: Whenever we are logged in to the WP admin panel and check the website, the currency selector works fine on any pages.

    What we tried already to fixed it:

    – Deactivated ALL non core woocommerce plugins, including cache plugin
    – Changed the settings above listed
    – purged web browser, WP and cloudflare cache
    – passed cloudflare on Development Mode
    – Inspect page (on web browser) while using the currency selector (no error detected)
    – Checked that our geo location account is still functioning correctly
    – uninstalled the plugin then resinstalled it

    None of these action changed the issue.

    I understand that our support period is over, and on my end already took off the currency switcher from the website pages, but if you could consider this issue whenever you have time, we’d appreciate your possible help on this.

    PS: we won’t be able share the website login credential with you, but if needed, please feel free to ask more details about our current Curcy/WP/Host settings or other info that may help.


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