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CURCY filter to convert custom prices

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    Sandor Nemeth

    Hello there,

    We are using CURCY on our site.
    We are creating a pricing table in php that retrieves base prices (set to USD) from a php array.

    We are looking to show these prices on the front-end in the currenct currency that is set on the front-end.
    So in other words, what we need is, a filter from your plugin that will take a price in the base currency, and will return the price in the current currency in the price format that is set in the wp-admin in your plugin.

    We used another currency converter in the past (Aelia) and they provided a filter that could be used for such scenarios.

    So far we have found ‘wmc_get_price’ filter in your plugin that probably will help us, but we want to hear your thoughts on this first, before we jump into creating our code.

    Can you please forward tihs to your developers?

    Many thanks!

    Kind Regards

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