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Currencies not converting but only changed currency signs.

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    I am encuntering a problem that the currency signs changed, however the figures did not change accordingly, and this problem is affecting all of the product pages. For instance, our product is based on US dollar as our default currency, the price is 7,304USD, and when I clicked other currencies like GBP or EURO, the figures were still 7,304 but with other currency signs.
    The current plug-in I am using for currency convert is called Multi-Currency for Woocommerce, and I am also using Extra Product Options & Add-Ons for WooCommerce to add options as well.
    I have tried to check if it was casued due to plug-ins crushed or incompability, however, I did not find the solution and I am hoping for help.

    If you need to visit our page, please use this page for your reference, it is a test page.


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