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Currency converter is not the same in all the pages

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    Hussein Abou Hachem

    I am using the curcy plugin in my WordPress website, its working just fine. but I added a delivery fee page so I used this short code [woo_multi_currency_exchange product_id=”” currency=”” price=”” original_price=””] so the user can see the fee in all the currencies available. the problem is that is when I change the currency it shows plus or minus but not the exact number the delivery fee in the cart. and its the same plugin converting the currency in both places.

    This is the delivery page link: https://presentail.com/delivery-rates/
    you can change the currency from the footer, to compare the delivery fee,go to any product, change the currency from the footer and go to checkout. in the checkout you can change the district and the delivery fee will change in the order summary to the right. and you can compare it with the delivery page numbers, please note that the $ currency is working fine. but all the others are different between the checkout and the delivery cart page.
    if you need I can send a video to make it clear to you.

    Thank you

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