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Currency for shipping zones not converted

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    Johan Åsedahl

    We have two languages Swedish and Danish, with the currencies SEK and DKK.

    Lets say someone choose Danish but their current location is in Sweden at the moment.
    Products is correctly shown in the currency DKK and they put a product in the cart and goes to the cart page.

    In the cart WooCommerce use some kind of Geo locations and shows shipping options for Sweden, not Denmark. The main problem is that the shipping prices is not converted from SEK to DKK.

    We have a flat rate of 59 SEK as shipping rate. But if some use danish language (and DKK) in Sweden, the shipping is wrongly shown as 59 DKK. Its not recalculated.

    The products in the cart is correctly shown as DKK.

    The best option would be if geo locations could be overrided so that someone who uses Danish language would have danish shipping zones as default. But most important is to recalculate shipping prices correct.

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