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Currency not switching based on location, always use the default currency

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    – I recorder this videos the explain the problem (it’s public now) https://youtu.be/TWUrOnfCU60
    – Store page, https://universidaddemonichigan.cl/tienda (select a product to buy)
    – Cart page, https://universidaddemonichigan.cl/carrito/
    – Checkout page, https://universidaddemonichigan.cl/finalizar-compra/

    So, as you can see in the video the switching between currency and country is not working well.
    I tried after your last changes, thanks for that, but still not working. I have disabled a shipping plugin to isolate the problem (called woocomerce chilexpress shipping).

    What I’m expecting if I change the country, the currency has to change to the configured in the plugin.

    00:00 to 00:06 seconds
    We are in the cart page, which is https://universidaddemonichigan.cl/carrito/
    I already have selected USD currency, as you can see.

    00:06 to 00:21 seconds
    This checkout page is displayed, which is https://universidaddemonichigan.cl/finalizar-compra/
    The page was loaded with CLP currency, not with USD which was previous selected.
    And the country auto selected is Chile.
    In this scenario should be ok the currency in CLP.

    00:21 to 00:32 seconds
    I changed the country from Chile to USA.
    The currency after the change, still CLP and didn’t changed to USD.

    00:32 to 00:52
    I changed the currency from CLP to USD.
    The payment method changed.

    00:52 to 01:11
    I changed the country from USA to canada.
    The currency changed to CLP which is wrong and the plugin remain with USD selected.
    The payment methods changed because of CLP

    Thanks for the help!

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