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Custom fields for Coupon Box (Premium Version)

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    David Rodas

    Hello, guys, Dave here.
    Our company in Ecuador (https://ildolceencanto.com) wants to include a feature of mail/user data recollection and give them an incentive to do so by offering a coupon code for subscribing to our mailing list.
    What we’ve seen so far of your plugin looks very promising but, as a presales inquiry, we would like to know if in the Premium version features we can add, besides mail, first name, last name, mobile, birthday, gender, other custom fields as city (what’s your city in Ecuador?) and/or a couple of questions, for example, “What’s your favorite product of our shop?”.
    It would be great if we could know beforehand (before the purchase of your plugin)… if we can know if we can add those custom fields in the pop-up/coupon box, at least the “What’s your city” one.
    Thank you in advance for the presale support, we’ll await your kind answer to this inquiry.

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