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Custom order meta and product meta

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    Dear VillaTheme,

    I have just bought you awesome plugin but I have two problems.

    1. We have a custom order field “additional_kommentar”. I have tried to use your shortcode [wec_order_meta key=’additional_kommentar’] but it shows nothing. You should insert this shortcode with text content, right?

    In WP HTML Mail – WooCommerce plugin we use this shortcode [ORDER_META field=”additional_kommentar”] and it works perfectly. But we do have some other problems with this pluging and therefore we want’s to use your plugin instead 🙂

    2. The product meta works perfectly but shows in two lines.

    I looks like this:

    EAN code:

    But we want’s it to look like this:

    EAN code: 4545454564564.

    The reason we want’s it to look like this is because we have 4 different product meta fields. So the product line will be very heigh.

    Sorry my bad english!

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